Jacqui Bradfield | About
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Jacqui Bradfield is currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Due to Jacqui’s ability to enhance each clients’ natural beauty in the most modern and fashion forward way, she is the trusted makeup artist for many Perth professionals.

During her three years in a specialist role at Mecca Cosmetica, Jacqui has had the privilege of working side by side with numerous international makeup artists on a state wide and national scale. Outside of Mecca, Jacqui has been trusted to work on the faces of many industry favourites, such as Samantha Harris for the West Weekend and Kate Miller-Heidke for the Hidden Sound. Jacqui is known for her ability to create exactly what the client needs, from makeup for a special occasion to hair styling and makeup for your next campaign.

Please contact Jacqui at info@jacquibradfield.com.au for bookings.